sony xperia how to keep screen on during call

I think I have found a bug. If I get a call I can answer it and the screen deactivates immediately after bringing it near my ear. So far, so good. But after the caller hung up the screen keeps black, even if I press the power button. I have to press the power button a few times before the screen ... More

how to change 3d secure password

Barclaycard Secure is a free service that provides customers with the ability to protect their online purchases against fraud. When going through online checkout you may be asked to enter your chosen password as well as your card details. ... More

how to build a flying saucer

The methods used in the design of the flying saucer matched the descriptions of those who claimed to have seen a from the UFO inside: with a discoidal capacitor with sufficient size to provide enough thrust to fly, while other small capacitors allowed to control the direction of the flying saucer, to which he added a gyroscopic stabilization ... More

how to fix my final cut pro null problem

4/09/2017 · How To FIX Final Cut Pro X EXPORTING PROBLEMS (FCPX Tutorial) TheRedSkull832. Loading... Unsubscribe from TheRedSkull832? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 3.3K ... More

how to download nsw topo map to my garmin 62s

Garmin Topo Maps are sold in the size that you require. You can scroll through new, manufacturer refurbished, or seller refurbished Garmin Topo Maps on eBay and take advantage of increased savings. ... More

how to buy bitcoin gold with fiat currency

Some value stores like the wool and gold have use value, some like fiat currency and cryptocurrency are meant to be a store of value and medium of exchange only. ... More

how to become a medical weed grower in australia

The grower role is often the most covert position in medical cannabis because their processes are considered trade secrets, and rightfully so successfully cultivating cannabis on a large scale ... More

how to clear up disk space on windows 10

These are all the windows 10 disk cleanup solutions that you can use to free up disk space in Windows 10. But note that don does not delete system files before you have settled into your new Windows 10 installation and are satisfied with how everything works. ... More

how to draw a cute carrot

All you need to do here is sketch in more detailing lines that define the carrot. Next draw in the cute chibi face which includes the eyes, and mouth. Start thickening the leaves of the carrot too befor more Step 4. TOP. Description: This is your last drawing step and all you have to do is sketch out the leaves like the ones you see here. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in ... More

how to change your dedicated video memory

Hey, It's been weeks (literally) since I found any help in finding a forum/tutorial on how to increase the DEDICATED V Ram ( video memory - easier to type ), mine is capped at 2048 mb whereas my ... More

how to add value pack to aldi mobile

Since the latest update, it's not possible to recharge my account with value pack. It complaints about not having credit nor credit card details, but I have it there... I can see it in another tab. Went to website and added pack in just one tap. ... More

how to build a zen garden in your backyard

INFO. Create a simple zen garden how to make a rock garden home diy. What to expect when working with make zen garden hilarious home. How to make a zen garden ... More

how to change choices for a device

Select the data you want to send to the other device. Click on options for the data, then select "Send via Bluetooth." You will be prompted with a list of all devices that your device is paired with. ... More

how to call london from south africa

Instructions for Calling to Cities within South Africa Always include the international access code (011 in the U.S.) if you are calling South Africa internationally, followed by the country code, area code, and local subscriber number that you are trying to reach. ... More

how to draw donald trump caricature

Funny Drawings, Art Drawings, Caricature Drawing, Harrison Ford, Cartoon Faces, Cartoon People, Cartoon Art, Funny Art, Funny Caricatures. Jacki Johnson. Caricatures. Charles Bronson Cartoon Faces Cartoon Art Cartoon Characters Character Drawing Funny Caricatures Celebrity Caricatures Pablo Picasso Illustration. Charles Bronson. Katarina Egan. Caricatures. Donald J Trump. Funny Caricatures ... More

how to change themese windows 7

3/03/2013 · I am using Windows 7 Home Premium on my Toshiba Satellite laptop. I cannot change anything related to the Themes. Specifically, I want to change the wallpaper. ... More

how to build a small wooden boat free

If you want to make a boat, for non-commercial purposes, then this is a must-visit website. It has over 75 free plans to build a variety of different boats. I think my favorite is the “Sport Submarine”. Free boat plans ... More

how to change facebook fan page url

If you had a Facebook fan page before the design change, concise and compelling message that will encourage people to follow your page. And don’t forget to include you URL. Evaluate your updates – You can’t engage people and encourage them to like your page if you don’t have a stream of steady updates. Create a schedule that allows you to post at least once a day. And make sure you ... More

how to choose the best carpet cleaning company

Instead of looking for low prices, choose the carpet cleaning company that has the best results. Make sure that you ask for a no-obligation cost estimate from each business on your list. At Brothers Cleaning, we always offer a free estimate. ... More

how to create a cubist portrait in illustrator

The importance of the Cubist movement cannot be understated. More than just Picasso’s claim to artistic fame, it boldly dismissed the preeminent rule of realism in portraiture and paved the way for every form of abstract art that succeeded it. Besides being a love letter to one of the most important visual art movements of the twentieth-century, ... More

how to add extensions to sidebar google

Tutorial : How to add progressive sidebar navigation in Joomla article Details Joomla Tutorials. Recently we released our well known Joomla template Purity III in its latest avatar. ... More

how to download combat arms

Combat Arms Hacks is cheats tool for combat arms game. With this tool you can add different hacks and cheats to your combat arms account. You can add aimbot, wallhack, unlimited ammo, god mod, speed hack, super jump, no recoil and money hack. ... More

how to draw noob from mortal kombat

Mortal Kombat Drawings 14 Pics Of Coloring Pages Mortal Kombat X Noob Siabot Mortal; Mortal Kombat Drawings 14 Pics Of Coloring Pages Mortal Kombat X Noob Siabot Mortal ... More

how to do conference call on samsung

I have samsung galaxy y & facing problem to do the conference call. since when we press the button merge it shows that unable to make conference c I have samsung galaxy s2 & facig problem to do the conference call. since when we press the button merge it shows that unable to make conference c ... More

how to download photos off iphone to sim

Cani download photos from mobile phone without a sim. I have a t-mobile my touch 4g phone and i am trying to download my photos to my mac but when i connect my phone to … ... More

how to seperate sequence final cut

In this clip, you'll learn how to export video sequences within Final Cut Pro or Express. Whether you're new to Apple's Final Cut Pro non-linear video editor or just want to better acquaint yourself with the popular video editing program, you're sure to benefit from this video tutorial. ... More

how to connect surface to microsoft mouse

10/02/2013 Website Link- GadgetGuruHD Accessories- http://microsoftsurfaceproaccessories... In this video I show you guys how to pair a bluetooth device to the Surface Pro. ... More

how to clean a sponge without a dishwasher

3. Wash: In the first compartment/bowl, use an appropriate brush, sponge, or cloth to wash the dishes with soap and water (Figure 3). If a facility has a water heater, use … ... More

how to choose perfect lipstick colour

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Nude Lipstick. Nudes and neutrals are not a single colour. There are lots of different shades that fit the nude category from completely colourless balms through, pinks, beige and rich chocolatey shades. ... More

how to ask to be collared

Ross Greenwood asking the questions Ross Greenwood speaks to former ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel as new laws will be introduced to federal parliament to crack down on white-collar criminals. ... More

how to cancel justfab account uk

16/03/2014 · If you're a JustFab VIP you can cancel any time, and there's no charge. You do have to call in, though. They can't cancel your account online/through email/on live chat. ... More

how to get free ps vita games download

FREE PS VITA game downloads page 1. Download free ps vita games and play WITHOUT HACKING PS VITA. Redeem free codes. Download free ps vita games and play WITHOUT HACKING PS VITA. Redeem free codes. ... More

how to clean top of nuwave oven

9/04/2013 · Watch video · Nuwave Oven Pro - It's easy to clean, faster & 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. ... More

how to properly clean and moisturize your face

An effective moisturizing treatment with oil requires that you moisturize first and then use oil to seal in the moisture and protect your skin. Cleanse your face with a mild soap. Mix 1 tbsp. honey with 1 tbsp. milk, and apply to your face. ... More

how to draw a cool warrior

1/01/2002 · Start by marking “Mecha Mania: How to Draw Warrior Robots, Cool Spaceships, and Military Vehicles” as Want to Read: Mecha Mania: How to Draw Warrior Robots, Cool Spaceships, and Military Vehicles by. Christopher Hart (Goodreads Author) 3.32 · Rating details · 28 ratings · 3 reviews Mecha, a generic term well known in the manga and anime community, is short … ... More

how to cancel my ymca membership

cancelling membership **please note we only accept cancellation of membership over the counter. we request you to submit the relevant paperwork at morley sport and recreation centre counter to cancel your membership.** ... More

how to cook japanese rice cake

Cotton Cheesecake / Japanese Cheesecake is my new favorite dessert and after you try this recipe, it will become your favorite too! Its the perfect combination of sponge cake and ... More

how to draw the 11th doctor

And, despite drawing a few comparisons to Wesley Crusher’s wardrobe, the Thirteenth Doctor’s getup is a hit with Whovians – 73.69% of you love it, according to our poll. Advertisement ... More

how to download a custom cursor

The custom cursor files must be ticked as read only, or your cursors will return to default the next time Dota 2 patches/checks file integrity. As an example, these are the cursors that I'm using. I personally prefer smaller/minimalistic cursors, since I find that the ... More

deitel c how to program 6th edition pdf download

Welcome to the Visual C# 2012 computer programming language and the world of Microsoft Windows and Internet and web programming with Microsoft's .NET Please read the book's back cover and inside back coverthese concisely capture the book's essence. ... More

how to create pst in mac outlook 2016

Steps To Repair Outlook 2016 PST File. Download Remo Repair Outlook on your computer and install it. Then, launch the application and follow the simple steps to fix the damaged Outlook 2016 PST file. ... More

how to create a tallying program in c

Tallying and replacing data items (INSPECT) Examples: INSPECT statement ; Converting data items (intrinsic functions) Converting to uppercase or lowercase (UPPER-CASE, LOWER-CASE) Transforming to reverse order (REVERSE) Converting to numbers (NUMVAL, NUMVAL-C) Converting from one code page to another; Evaluating data items (intrinsic functions) Evaluating single characters for collating ... More

how to become a trashman

Every tuesday jackson valentine waits as patiently a two year old can for the garbage truck what can ordinary people do to help out sanitation workers What It S ... More

how to call a bird to you

When I was younger, if you had asked me what you called a group of birds, I would have promptly responded, “A flock.” The answer, however, is much more fun and interesting than that. ... More

how to create a database management system in access

Access is an object-oriented relational database management system. The database objects that you can create using Access are illustrated in Fig. 6.1. Fig. 6.1 The Access database objects A Table uses rows and columns to present the data in the database—rather like a spreadsheet. For this reason, when you view a table in an Access database, you are in what Access calls a Datasheet View. You ... More

how to build a mobile application for android

Data from multiple studies and our own experience building mobile applications says that it takes 4-5 months to create a mobile app. But as usual, the answer is ... More

how to create a gmail account without verification

Create Gmail Account Create Email Account. Create Gmail Account.Gmail is a free email service offered by Google.Having problems creating your Gmail account?Do not let such a simple process become a problem for you. ... More

how to download youtube videos to mp3 app

wow Amazing app. am feel flabbergasted when i used this app first time, loved it and now i can download, listen songs and the new radio features make it more surprising ... More

how to delete backup restore fiels on win 10

But, just like you were able to move to the Windows 10 upgrade without any major disaster, you can uninstall Windows 10 and restore your previous version of Windows without losing any of your photos, music, documents or other files. The first course of action is to determine if you are set on uninstalling the Windows 10 upgrade. ... More

how to delete bootcamp partition on mac sierra

I want to keep Bootcamp as it is, but I want to merge the High Sierra one into the new Mojave partition. The old High Sierra partition is the biggest, 2.9 TB vs 200 GB of Mojave. The old High Sierra partition is the biggest, 2.9 TB vs 200 GB of Mojave. ... More

how to build customer relationship

14/04/2016 Yes, converting prospects into customers is great, but there's still more to do. If you're going to be an awesome "salestrepreneur," you must be in it for the long haul. ... More

how to avoid over sweating

Sweating is a normal physiological function that sometimes can go wrong. Excessive underarm sweating is very common affecting some 1 in 70 people, but to Amy’s extent, perhaps only a sixth of these. That is still about 1 in 400 people in the community. Most sufferers are either too embarrassed to seek help, or have never been given the appropriate treatment options. Amy has been receiving ... More

how to connect telephone cable to socket

Depending on the quality of the cable you may see a drop in speed. It's really not ideal to extend the VDSL(RJ11) signal path. The better way, if possible, is to leave the modem close to the master socket and then connect it to the remote router using a standard CAT6(or CAT5e) Ethernet cable. ... More

how to add download button

UPDATE (10-30-2015): Sadly, malware has been added to this extension. Know that if you install it, you will begin to see Offers4U pop up at the bottom of many webpages. ... More

how to draw a pokemon trainer girl

This is what I would look like. link. Here's the link to the Pokemon Trainer Dress Up,the game where you could make your own Pokemon Trainer. ... More

how to get a youtube video add

After the first video ends, your other videos will automatically play, which will get more views for each played video without them having to navigate off the player. You can embed playlists, post them in your channel, or have users share them to increase the total views for each playlist. ... More

how to close pc game.that wint.clos

Close the open program by doing one of the following: click the Close button in the upper-right corner of the window; click Alt+F4 to close an active open window; or choose File (or application button)→Exit. The program closes. If you haven’t saved changes in any open documents before trying to close the program, you see a dialog box asking whether you want to save the document(s). Click ... More

how to connect my philips blu ray player to netflix

To connect your Philips TV, Blu-ray player, or home theater system to your Netflix account, make sure you're on the Home screen and select the option below that best describes your device. If you see the Netflix icon on-screen: ... More

how to delete continue watching on netflix

The story of the rise of the Netflix is as interesting as the best of its original shows. From being a mere online CD delivery service to one of the biggest original content producers in the world, its journey has been phenomenal. Just to give you the context, in 2017 alone, Netflix will be spending ... More

how to change windows 8 start screen background

Customize the Windows 8 Start screen to suit your own personal style and needs. Rearranging the tiles on the Windows 8 Start Screen. The tiles on the Start Screen can be moved around or the size can be changed. To open the Start screen, press the Windows key on the keyboard. You can do this from any screen at any time. Using the mouse, click and drag a tile to a new location on the Start ... More

how to become an electrician in victoria australia

On a full license, you can work unsupervised as an Electrician in Australia. Applying for a visa as an Electrician Having a license to work in a trade does not mean you will qualify to obtain a work visa in Australia. ... More

how to change a nappy wikihow

Most of the time, I change out of my soaked night diaper before showering for the day, but on the weekends I often change into a fresh diaper for the morning or through the day. ... More

hoi4 how to change ideology cheat

One of the strangest justifications for zero ideology is that there is no other ethical goal. The only way such thinking can make sense is if one accepts the binary assumptions of … ... More

how to clean fast food shoes

When you go on a fast you are giving your body a break from eating, and since so much of our daily energy goes to digesting the foods that we eat, when you are … ... More

how to download contact list from iphone

No need to create another block list in another device. Download: Get Numbo on iTunes #2. Truecaller . The key features of Truecaller are it automatically identify the number before you pick the call, it blocks unwanted callers, as well as it filters junk text messages. In case if you want to find the name of the contact then just enter the contact number and get contact info. Making calls ... More

how to cancel my policy with progressive online

Electronic funds transfer (EFT) authorization I authorize Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and its corporate and mutual company affiliates ("Company") to initiate scheduled deductions from the bank account, identified below, for payment of premium on the insurance policy ... More

how to buy shares in a company south africa

The Companies Act, 2008, (“Act”) provides for two mechanisms through which a company can acquire its own shares. The first mechanism is the mechanism set out in section 48 of the Act. Section 48 essentially provides that a company may, to the extent that it is solvent and liquid, buy back its ... More

how to draw a dog bone in illustrator

For the chest bone, draw a shape over the spine like in the next image followed by a similar but smaller shape in the center. Use the colors indicated and then Blend then using 8 Specified Steps . 28. ... More

how to create additional domain controller in windows server 2012

But if i have DHCP server what will be the procedure to continue and if i have a hardware problem on server can i create additional domain install new server2008r2 in my old machine? after installation can i make this new installed server as me additional domain and working as a parent domain. ... More

how to draw mecha robots step by step

With this drawing tutorial, even a little baby can draw the robot. So, let’s start this lesson and learn how to draw a robot! Step 1. First things first we need to draw a stickman – … ... More

how to connect moga controller to xbox one

The layout and overall structures of this controller are the same as of Xbox. The body and structure of this controller are made of plastics that help users to have a perfect grip. This is developed by SMRT Lock and keeps it very easy for gamers to connect to their smartphones. The battery backup of this controller is good as it comes with 1800 mAh battery and on a full charge, you can play ... More

how to clean mussels of sand

Step 2. Put the clams in a medium-size container of clean, fresh water to soak for 20 minutes. Because clams filter water through their systems, putting them in fresh water helps clear out the salt and sand that they store inside. ... More

how to break down sodium laureth sulfate

19/01/2010 · Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, etc are all generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA. No respectable manufacturer would ever use ingredients that weren’t safe. The formulation chemists’ choice is about minimizing irritation, not safety. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is classified as an irritant. As such, it can leave the skin or scalp dry, itchy and inflamed. We choose to ... More

how to clean old bottles found in dirt

Set them out on a clean towel or drying rack in an area that’s free from dirt and dust to air-dry. [4] Don’t rub the bottles dry with a towel or you risk transferring germs to them. ... More

how to add people to your spotify family by username

1/12/2018 You can set your user to private in the settings, so that people cant view your playlists or see what youre listening to. You can always cancel your Spotify Premium account at any time from your android or iPhone . ... More

how to become a property mogul

Register. Register to become a Member and gain exclusive access to the Investment Centre ... More

how to add a new section to front page wix

If you already have a Wix account, you can use Wix Code to edit your existing website or build a new site as well. Simply go over to the Wix Editor > Tools > Developer Tools to enable Wix Code. Click on the arrow at the bottom left corner to show the Wix Code panel. ... More

how to get clear skin at home in hindi

The skin of the Papaya is an antioxidant and contains an enzyme called Papain which helps to get rid of dead cells and clears impurities from the skin. Milk cream and curd can also be used for moisturizing and removal of tan. ... More

how to cook chicken breast tenderloins

Contains up to 15% of a solution. Made with white meat. No preservatives. Individually frozen Tyson uncooked Chicken Breast Tenderloins are cut from the delicate breast meat of quality Tyson broilers. They always cook up golden brown on the outside, and tender and moist on the inside. Serve as an ... More

how to change which side bunches vertical blinds

To do simply take off all vertical blinds and then use a screw driver to remove the end caps. At one end you will see where the string in tied and you can undo and then slide on the new carrier. Size - 40 mm length, 10mm width, 35 mm from bottom to top of H hook. ... More

how to build a powerful electric motor from scratch

I have an opportunity to buy a used electric motor from a mining operation. it is a 300-hp 460-V RMP-1800 phase 3. From this info, can I use this on From this info, can I use this on Read More ... More

how to cook freezer burned meat

Putting hot food directly in the freezer brings the temperature of the freezer up almost as fast as it brings the temperature of the food down. Not only that, it will affect any food close to the hot food, making a warm place on the surface for freezer burn to strike. Put your food in the fridge for 1-2 hours before putting it in the freezer for long-term storage. ... More

how to change round time to 60 mins csgo

In Competitive Matchmaking, teams can now vote at any time to take one 60-second timeout, which will begin at the next freezetime. Additionally, this update includes a change to round and C4 timers in Competitive Matchmaking (they are now 1:55 and 0:40), and these are the new times that will be used for CS:GO Major Championships. ... More

how to buy e-toll tags queensland

We manufacture labels for transport and logistics, chemical identification, food and beverage products, fresh produce, timber and hardware identification, healthcare products, harsh environment tags for steel, glass and aluminium products, retail shelf self-adhesive labels and more including RFID tags and labels. ... More

how to add text on top of blur effect swift

19/01/2015 · Easy After Effects Tutorials 7 - The blur effect appears with text (no audio) ... More

how to add printer in centos 6 by command

PRINTER=sales_hplj_1536 export PRINTER Save and close the file. Relogin into your account and print a test page using lp* commands such as lp, lpr, lpq, and lprm. ... More

how to bring up cyanuric acid in pool

Cyanuric acid protects the chlorine for the UV of the sun and helps keep the chlorine in the pool longer. Again Too much is not a good thing though, it will lock up the water. Again Too much is not a good thing though, it will lock up the water. ... More

how to avoid naruto shippuden filler

11/12/2010 When will the Naruto Shippuden fillers stop? I'm getting a little fed up of the Leafs history. Especially when it consists of chasing ostriches, fighting kangaroos and talking ninja cats. People have said online that the rest of the season will be fillers and will finish on the 23rd of December. Is this true? Also, when this season finishes, when... show more I'm getting a little fed up of the ... More

how to connect 4 batteries together without danget

HOW: Connect positive terminal on battery A1 to negative terminal on battery A2. Repeat this on batteries B1 and B2. Repeat this on batteries B1 and B2. RESULT : The outcome of connecting batteries in series is the that voltage output is added together (12 volts total). ... More

how to download bitdefender free

Bitdefender Total Security 2017 warns and protects you device against harmful threats like Malware, Trojan, Ransomware etc. Getting this security software on your device will keep you personal information safe across various platforms without affecting its speed and functionality. - ... More

how to change side of westinghouse fridge door

Well, the Westinghouse Side By Side Refrigerator is the answer you seek. With a 620-litre capacity and a classic white finish, this modern refrigerator is designed to suit your ever-changing needs. FlexSpace enables users to maximise storage and accommodate your needs, while the FlexStor makes it possible to change the configuration of the fridge s door bin compartments. Meanwhile, a lockable ... More

how to cook southern bluefin tuna

The Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Fishery is managed by limiting the catch of southern bluefin tuna. In this fishery, fish are caught in a net and transferred to floating pontoons, where they are raised until they are big enough to be sold. ... More

how to download fb videos on laptop

Facebook Video Downloader allows you to convert downloaded videos to MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, MPEG, DVD, 3GP, MP3, or any other format, so you can play them on your PC ... More

how to clear up jock itch

Jock itch, also known as tinea cruris or ringworm, is a fungal skin infection that affects the entire crotch zone. Jock itch manifests as an itchy, clearly defined, reddish rash. Jock itch manifests as an itchy, clearly defined, reddish rash. ... More

how to add music to a slideshow

9/02/2016 · Do one of the following: Select the slideshow in the Source list, and then click the Music button in the toolbar. (If you’re in full-screen view, first exit it by clicking Full Screen in the toolbar. ... More

paragraph on how to keep our country clean

And how disappointing would it be to say “I got kicked out because I couldn’t keep my barracks room clean?” Also it would be hard to be placed in a job where cleanliness is a major part, such as, food service, custodial practices, or health services, to name a few. ... More

how to build a regular expression

Expresso 3.1 The premier regular expression development tool. The award-winning Expresso editor is equally suitable as a teaching tool for the beginning user of regular expressions or as a full-featured development environment for the experienced programmer or web designer with an extensive knowledge of regular expressions. ... More

how to get a guinea pig to eat

When Guinea Pigs are fighting it’s easy for an owner to get caught in the crossfire and end up with a nasty bite. Before you attempt to break up a fight make sure you have thick gloves or … ... More

how to draw a cute deer step by step

1/01/2011 · Learn how to draw step by step in this simple video tutorial that teaches how to draw a Deer. ... More

how to cut glass to fit a window

How to add a decorative glass window to a 6-panel door. Easy to cut out your door and insert a decorative glass window for beautiful entryway & curb appeal. Easy to cut out your door and insert a decorative glass window for beautiful entryway & curb appeal. ... More

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how to connect phone to computer with broken screen

Launch Broken Android Data Extraction software and connect your broken Samsung phone to the PC with USB cable. Click Broken Android Phone Data Extraction mode then click Start button to extract data from broken Samsung S6.

how to build a lego trebuchet

The Angry Bird Trebuchet Challenge! Dish out revenge on your opponents with our very own The Angry Bird Trebuchet Challenge! Teams are challenged to design and build the trebuchet, a medieval siege weapon, to protect the castle from the invasion of the enemy.

how to format seagate external hard drive

17/10/2015 From HERE, You can Format the Drive to the NTFS type storage and Partition (make several Logical Drives out of the 3tb Hard Disk. For Instance, your 3TB Seagate drive would not be only the E: Drive, but E;, F: and G: drives if you chose to do so and you would need to assign how much space in Megabytes the size of Each drive would be.).

how to add files into pak files

Importing Files You have the ability to import (upload) any type of file into Onshape, either into an existing and open document, or as its own document (from the Documents page). For a list of supported files, see Supported File Formats .

how to become an efficient office manager

For good office management, you need to be sure that all the things in the office are arranged for maximum efficiency and maximum safety. The Basics of Small or Home Office Design provides tips for meeting the power, lighting and ventilation needs of your office space to …

how to break an arm in a fight

AN elderly woman was stabbed trying to break up a fight between two men in Sydney's west yesterday afternoon. The men, aged 29 and 30, were arguing at a home on Hudson Street, Granville about 3.40pm.

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Newfoundland and Labrador: Port Kirwan NL, Port Anson NL, Steady Brook NL, Stephenville Crossing NL, NL Canada, A1B 2J6

Ontario: Arthur ON, West Lorne ON, Streetsville ON, Black River-Matheson, Emo ON, Myrtle ON, Iroquois Falls ON, ON Canada, M7A 8L5

Nunavut: Dundas Harbour NU, Rankin Inlet NU, NU Canada, X0A 9H9

England: Brentwood ENG, Swindon ENG, Sale ENG, Brentwood ENG, Littlehampton ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 5A8

Northern Ireland: Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Belfast NIR, Bangor NIR, Bangor NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 4H6

Scotland: Glasgow SCO, Dunfermline SCO, Paisley SCO, Glasgow SCO, Cumbernauld SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 9B7

Wales: Neath WAL, Newport WAL, Newport WAL, Barry WAL, Newport WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 8D1